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Noroi: The Curse (ノロイ, Noroi) is a 2005 Japanese horror film directed and co-written by Kōji Shiraishi. It stars Jin Muraki as Masafumi Kobayashi, a paranormal researcher investigating a series of mysterious events for a documentary. The film employs a pseudo-documentary style of storytelling[1] and utilizes found footage conventions, with the majority of the narrative being presented as if it were Kobayashi's documentary, made up of footage recorded by Kobayashi's cameraman. The film's cast also includes actress Marika Matsumoto, who plays a fictionalized version of herself,[2] as well as Rio Kanno, Tomono Kuga, and Satoru Jitsunashi.

noroi the curse 2005 41


Noroi: The Curse was released in Japan in 2005, and has received limited distribution elsewhere. It has garnered generally positive reviews, with critics commending the presentation, performances from the cast, atmosphere and pacing of its narrative. It is available for streaming on Shudder.[3][4]

The film was released in Japan in 2005.[3] Since its release, distribution of the film outside of Japan has been limited.[3] On June 1, 2017, it was made available for streaming in Canada on the video on demand service Shudder.[5] In March 2020, the film was added to Shudder's catalog in the United States.[3][4] The film has not received a DVD or Blu-ray release in the U.S.[3]

Writer Megan Negrych noted that the film "weaves together a complex story of curses, demons, and the forgotten with strong attention paid to atmospheric tension and the slow-building narrative in order to pursue a more subtle and highly effective horror experience."[9] Meagan Navarro of Bloody Disgusting emphasized the film's "methodical storytelling", writing: "For many, it works. For others, it'll drag without a satisfying payoff to merit the pacing. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of enjoyment, Noroi's place in horror remains fascinating."[3]

The stories surrounding Poltergeist and its sequels have largely overshadowed the movies themselves. People who have never even seen the films have heard the rumors that the set was cursed from start to finish.

After its release, the movie remained unavailable to watch in the United States until 2020. Because of this, stories about the movie spread like wildfire on the internet regarding the reason why it was legally unavailable. It was said to be one of the most disturbing found footage films ever made and the movie was banned in the U.S. because of its roots in reality: the curse in the film was real.

Professor Hideki Satomi finds a scrap of newspaper with a picture of his five-year-old daughter Nana in the obituary section while stopped at a roadside phone booth to transmit his work to the university via the Internet. When a truck without steering hits his car and kills Nana, he sees his wife Ayaka Satomi struggling to free their daughter from the seat belt. As of three years later, Hideki has divorced Ayaka, who is still trying to believe in Hideki, and she discovers that there are people cursed with the ability to predict the future, but without the power to save the victims.


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