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We at Precious Moments Christian Preschool believe in Jesus Christ.  Teaching Biblical truths and principles such as what is fiction and non-fiction belief.  In reference to holiday myths and tradition of man, we only teach what the word says and after Christ.  

  • The philosophies of Precious Moments Christian Preschool view each child as unique individuals. Psalms 139:14

  • To recognize that the individual rate of development is determined by their social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs.  To provide a loving and Christian environmental that promotes the academic growth of each child.  Realizing that God is the potter and the one who shapes and molds us according to his perfect plan from the inside out.  Jeremiah 18:4-6

  • Discipline is always handled on the belief the child is good and it is his/her behavior that in unacceptable and needs to be changed or guided to a more acceptable means of expression.  Proverb 13:24

Health & Safety

The Director will communicate via text message, phone calls, and daily face-to-face.  Parents can call or speak with the Director in person as needed.  The contact number 979-704-1692 (daycare).  979-422-0401 (cell).

Covid -19

In response to the current pandemic we have implemented the following practices and precautions for the safety of children, parents, and staff: 

  • Daily temperature checking 

  • Cleaning and disinfection daily 

  • Use of sanitizing machine 

  • Mask requirement 

  • Operating under CDC guidlines 

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