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How to Master the Art of Cold Calling with the Stratton Oakmont Sales Script PDF

# Stratton Oakmont Sales Script PDF: How to Sell Like the Wolf of Wall Street - Introduction - Brief overview of Stratton Oakmont, the infamous brokerage firm founded by Jordan Belfort and Danny Porush - Mention the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street, based on Belfort's memoirs - Explain the purpose of this article: to analyze the original cold call script used by Stratton Oakmont sales reps and extract some sales tips that are still relevant today - The Stratton Oakmont Sales Script PDF - Provide a link to download the 76-page document - Describe its contents and structure: articles, quotes, checklists, pitch scripts, objection handling, etc. - Highlight some of the key features and techniques used by Stratton Oakmont sales reps - 6 Sales Tips from the Wolf of Wall Street Original Cold Call Script - Tip #1: State your full name and company name - Explain why this helps to command respect and maintain control - Provide an example of how to do it - Tip #2: State your reason for the call - Explain why this helps to capture attention and create curiosity - Provide an example of how to do it - Tip #3: Use a hook or a benefit statement - Explain why this helps to generate interest and value - Provide an example of how to do it - Tip #4: Qualify your prospect - Explain why this helps to identify pain points and needs - Provide an example of how to do it - Tip #5: Handle objections and rejections - Explain why this helps to overcome resistance and build trust - Provide some examples of common objections and how to respond to them - Tip #6: Close the deal or set up a follow-up - Explain why this helps to move the prospect to the next stage of the sales process - Provide some examples of closing techniques and follow-up strategies - Conclusion - Summarize the main points and takeaways from the article - Emphasize the benefits of learning from the Stratton Oakmont sales script PDF - Encourage the reader to download the document and apply some of the tips to their own sales calls - FAQs - Q: Who is Jordan Belfort? - A: Jordan Belfort is a former stockbroker and motivational speaker who founded Stratton Oakmont, a fraudulent brokerage firm that was shut down by the FBI in 1996. He wrote two memoirs about his life and crimes, The Wolf of Wall Street and Catching the Wolf of Wall Street, which were adapted into a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio. - Q: What is Stratton Oakmont? - A: Stratton Oakmont was a Long Island-based brokerage firm that specialized in penny stocks and boiler room operations. It defrauded thousands of investors out of millions of dollars by using high-pressure sales tactics, pump-and-dump schemes, and money laundering. It was one of the largest financial scandals in American history. - Q: What is a cold call? - A: A cold call is a sales technique where a salesperson contacts a potential customer who has not expressed any prior interest in their product or service. The goal of a cold call is to generate leads, appointments, or sales. - Q: What is a sales script? - A: A sales script is a pre-written guide that helps a salesperson communicate effectively with a prospect during a sales call. It usually includes an introduction, a pitch, some questions, some objections, and a close. A sales script can help a salesperson stay on track, deliver value propositions, handle objections, and close deals. - Q: How can I improve my cold calling skills? - A: Some tips to improve your cold calling skills are: - Do your research on your target market and prospects before calling them - Practice your script and rehearse your pitch until you sound confident and natural - Use open-ended questions to engage your prospects and uncover their needs and pain points - Listen actively and empathize with your prospects' challenges and goals - Focus on benefits rather than features when presenting your solution - Anticipate and prepare for common objections and rejections - Use trial closes and assumptive closes to test your prospects' readiness and interest - Follow up promptly and persistently until you get a yes or a no

stratton oakmont sales script pdf

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