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Blood Games Scaricare Film

Blood Stone was developed by Bizarre Creations with assistance by n-Space on Nintendo DS platform. The game was hinted at on 21 April 2010 when British store HMV listed Blood Stone as "coming soon".[5] On 23 April, Activision reserved a web domain name called[6] The game was announced in an Activision press release on 16 July.[7] James Bond film writer Bruce Feirstein wrote the story for the game. The game itself is built on developer Bizarre Creations' Bespoke engine, which was created for the game The Club.[8] Ben Cooke, who is Daniel Craig's stunt double in the films, provided the motion capture choreography for Bond's digital animation and is credited as the game's stunt coordinator.[8]

Blood Games scaricare film

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While Bizarre Creations was finishing development on The Club, they were bought by Activision, who had a license agreement at the time to make video games based on James Bond. Activision allowed the team to move forward with an original title, in order to take advantage of the gap between Quantum of Solace and a then-untitled follow up film, which was later revealed as Skyfall and released in 2012. Bizarre had creative control over the title, letting them design the locations and gameplay the way they wanted. Blood Stone was designed to capture the feel of a blockbuster movie with a "mix of characterization and adrenaline". The driving parts were mostly placed at the end of the chapters, as the developers were trying to make sure they wouldn't be seen as disconnected from the rest of the game.[9] In 22 October, Activision confirmed the game's release on 2 November 2010 in North America, on 3 November 2010 in Australia, and on 5 November 2010 in Europe.[10] Also in this day, Activision also confirmed the same date release of GoldenEye 007 remake for DS and Wii.[11] 350c69d7ab


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