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Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka Where To Buy

Firefly Original Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka is the first sweet tea vodka. It started at the Firefly Distillery in South Carolina. It is made with all-natural ingredients with tea from a plantation just down the road & Louisiana sugarcane. Mix it with lemonade or water for a true southern sweet tea cocktail.

firefly sweet tea vodka where to buy

South Carolina,USA- The best sweet tea in SC is captured unique vodka that is infused with tea leaves grown less than 5 miles from the distillery. The result tastes just like sweet tea with a squeeze of lemon. Enjoy over ice, straight or with a splash of water or lemonade.

S: It was a brand-new flavor with a large point of difference. The hottest flavors then were lime and lemon. After sweet tea came out, everything went bonkers on flavor. Anything from Froot Loop-flavored vodka. It went crazy.

S: We do all the Moonshine here, and we supply South Carolina with our vodkas here. All the rums are done here, the bourbons are all done here, and the whiskeys as well. Where we need help from Buffalo Trace is the sweet tea vodka.

The flavored vodka was inspired by the distillery's location on a vineyard. Muscadine grapes are native to the southeast region, and muscadine wine is traditionally a very sweet wine. This product was originally produced in Florida due to South Carolina's distillery licensing fees issues.[3]

In April 2008 Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka was added to the product line. The product is a twist on the southern staple, sweet tea. The vodka is distilled on Wadmalaw Island and the tea is from Charleston Tea Plantation.

Firefly Original Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka is the first sweet tea vodka. It started at the Firefly Distillery in South Carolina. It is made with all-natural ingredients with tea from a plantation just down the road & Louisiana sugarcane.

While new flavors of vodka are usually only worth mentioning when they're weird, and I'd rarely go out of my way to try one ("Just send it in the mail," I'd command, from my desk of power) I'd read a few rave reviews of this. So when brand co-owner Scott Newitt came to SF, we met for me to try it. Most flavored vodka tastes like vodka with flavor added, but this one tastes like sweet tea (iced tea to us Northerners) with vodka added. The alcohol is subdued enough (it's 35%, so a little less alcoholic than unflavored vodka but on par with some other flavors) that you could drink it on its own, but amazingly, equal parts Firefly sweet tea vodka and water with a slice of lemon ends up tasting just like a refreshing glass of iced tea.

Mix the firefly sweet tea vodka with pink lemonade on ice and you've got a Jack Nicholas. Best drink EVER! And something with the pink lemonade makes hangovers (for me at least) a non issue! I'm so addicted I carried it with us on summer vacation in case they didnt sell it there. For anyone having trouble finding it locally, check out the liquor stores near colleges. The college crowd has taken to this drink big time!

This version is super simple. You just stir some Firefly sweet tea vodka into some lemonade. Homemade lemonade is best, but I dare say that if you showed up at a gathering with a bottle of sweet tea vodka and a gallon of Chick-Fil-A lemonade you would be the star of the party.

The spirit contains 30 percent alcohol by volume and makes a refreshing solo sip. The vodka is very sweet, so consider mixing it with a slightly dryer beverage to create an authentic southern cocktail.

That was until a few weeks ago when I had heard rumors of a vodka made in South Carolina that when mixed properly tasted like sweet tea. Could it be? Had my prayers been answered? Was God finally coming through with our consolation prize for not winning the Civil War?

I quickly snatched up the bottle and began looking for something to mix it with. What the hell do you mix with sweet tea flavored vodka? Then I had an epiphany. I looked on the back of the bottle and there were the single greatest mixing instructions I had ever read.

I just have to say, Burnetts has released their own version, and it is almost as tasty, and 5.00 cheaper , and also readily available all over the Myrtle Beach/ Conway, SC area!:-) try mixing with half sweet tea vodka, 1/4 ice cold water, and 1/4 peach netar.. and that my dear friends is the nectar of the gods :-)another quick recipe? 4oz Firefly vodka, plain, with 8 oz peach nectar, and a splash of sprite and a splash of cosmo mix and then you have a Peach Shed :-)

But then I grew up, fell in love with vodka (t'was a lifelong romance), and discovered sweet tea vodka. Mixed with a little bit of water, lemon, and ice; sweet tea vodka totally hits the spot when it's sweltering out and you want to sit outside in a big hat with a plate of hush puppies. Just kidding; I never had a hush puppy as a child either.

I first created these cupcakes back in 2011 when sweet tea vodka was just gaining in popularity. Luckily, it's stuck around and there are now several varieties on the market. Whether sitting on your farmer's porch down south or on your tiny and noisy Boston deck, sipping on sweet tea vodka just feels like summer to me.

Back to the sweet tea vodka cupcakes! The cake portion of the dessert is super lemony (just how I like my sweet tea) from the addition of lots of lemon zest and juice. Other than that, they're pretty standard cupcakes with a batter that's easy to whip up.

Once the cupcakes are out of the oven and cooled, you'll lightly brush the tops with sweet tea vodka. If you're planning to serve some of these cupcakes to kids, you may want to set those ones aside without the vodka brush.

I just think cupcakes with straws are the cutest little things, y'all. Just kidding, I promise I'm not going to start pretending I'm from the south just because I made a batch of sweet tea vodka cupcakes. Though I do really like saying y'all and just can't help myself sometimes.

But these sweet tea vodka cupcakes are incredibly fun and the perfect party dessert no matter where in the world you are. And I WILL pretend the weather is 80 degrees and sunny and perfect for deck sitting and sweet tea vodka cupcake eating and cocktail drinking. At all times.

Actually, the only thing better than sweet tea vodka cupcakes? A sweet tea vodka cupcake with a GLASS of sweet tea vodka to wash it down. I know it's only Monday, but doesn't that kind of make it even more necessary? That's what I thought.

too fun! i was also raised in boston, never heard of sweet tea 'til i moved to nashville, + blogged about a sweet tea dessert a few weeks ago (a sweet tea tart with a gingersnap crust). we loooove firefly sweet tea vodka around here -normally mix it with lemonade or fruit tea + serve it on the rocks. i'll definitely be making these soon!

These look delicious, although I've never tried sweet tea vodka, not sure if I can even get it in Ireland! We've been making peppermint and lime ice tea recently, maybe I'll give that a go in cupcake form. With a bit of gin of course!

As a girl who rarely sweetens her iced tea, I feel like sweet tea has the ability to kill me, haha. I AM intrigued, however, but its use along with vodka in these cupcakes. Where there is vodka, that's where you'll find me (I'm Armenian, you know).

Simple and sweet is how we like our drinks, this cocktail is a balance of both! We took the South's favorite summer drink and combined it with a popular cocktail. For the sweet tea, we used Firefly's Original Sweet Tea Vodka, the first sweet tea vodka made from Louisiana sugarcane. Paired with the zing of ginger from our Mule mix, the refreshing combination will bring you back to long summer days spent in the yard with friends. Mawmaw approved! 041b061a72


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