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Gal Gun

A remastered version, titled Gal Gun Returns[b], was released in Japan and Asia for Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2021, and in North America and Europe on February 12. A Microsoft Windows version was also released worldwide on the same date.

Gal Gun

Gal Gun is a rail shooter and bishōjo game. Player controls the protagonist, Tenzou, to shoot his female classmates with "Pheromone Arrow", while he moves automatically through predetermined route on each stage. The player may use the analogue stick or mouse to move the reticle on the screen. Girls runs towards the player trying to profess their love via notes or screams that must be prevented by shooting them. If player fails to do so, this results in damage to his HP. The girls who've been shot receive euphoria, subduing them in process. Each girl has their own weak point in their body that results in "Ecstasy Shot", subduing them immediately if shot. As the game progresses through each stage, the player may confront female teachers that must be shot multiple times, making them harder to subdue.

If the player subdues enough girls, the Heart Gauge fills up, which enables option to initiate "Doki Doki Mode", by aiming on a girl and pressing the button. During Doki Doki Mode, the player needs to fill in "Doki Doki Gauge" within time limit by zooming in and shooting at selected part on the girl. More sensitive part of the girl will fill the gauge faster, but the girl will block the part quickly. When the gauge is full, the player can give her euphoria, and "Doki Doki Bomb" will subdue all the other girls on the screen. Tenzou's stats also changes depending on the selected girl.[3]

The game has dating sim-based Story Mode, where player might be asked to answer the questions from the main characters. Player's answer affects the main girl's love interest on Tenzou, which affects the story progression and the ending.

The developer also added a panic button that switches the action for a retro-looking game, with authentic animations and sounds. This is referred to as a Mama kita gamen or "Mom arrived screen".[5]

In the original Xbox 360 version, the player could control the camera below the hemline of the girl during Doki Doki Mode. However, Microsoft ordered the game publisher, Alchemist, to eliminate this feature by releasing "Panties Protect Patch" [sic] update on March 18, 2011.[6][1] This change only affects the Xbox 360 version, and therefore doesn't affect subsequent releases on other platforms.

The game takes place in a fictional academy, named Sakurazaki Academy. The apprentice cupid angel, named Patako, must shoot an assigned person with a so-called "Pheromone Arrow" in order to graduate. Patako targets the protagonist Tenzou Motesugi, a second-year male student, with her crossbow, in hope of getting a girlfriend when shot with an arrow, as she claimed he has no experience with the girls.[7] However, she accidentally shoots Tenzou with sixteen arrows instead of one,[8] as it was somehow set to full-automatic "overkill" firing mode without her knowledge.[9]

The aura effect created by multiple shots causes him to attract female students from the entire school, trying to confess their love of him, and they desperately run after him trying to make him their partner. This effect only lasts for a single day of his life. Patako refers him as "Way Too Freakin' Popular" ("WTFP").[10]

Gal Gun was originally released on the Xbox 360 in Japan on January 27, 2011.[13] A PlayStation 3 port with additional characters and PlayStation Move support was released on February 23, 2012.[14]

To commemorate the original release's 10th anniversary, a remastered version, titled Gal Gun Returns, was released in Japan and Asia for Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2021. Unlike the original title, Gal Gun Returns is localized. It was released in North America and Europe on February 12, alongside the Microsoft Windows version for all regions.[15][16][17] An Xbox One version of the game was initially planned for release alongside both systems, but was later cancelled.

A sequel, Gal Gun: Double Peace, was released in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on August 6, 2015.[22][23] Noting the praise of the first game received from players outside Japan, Inti Creates released Double Peace on July 22, 2016 in Europe and August 2 in North America, making the first game in the series being released worldwide.[24]

On February 23, 2023, Inti Creates would release Gal Guardians: Demon Purge for the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Steam as a spinoff of Double Peace, which stars sisters Shinobu and Maya Kamizono, protaganists from Gal*Gun: Double Peace and Gal*Gun 2, as they discover a castle filled with demons that suddenly appears at Sakurazaki Academy with their job being to demon hunter duo to solve the mystery of what happened to the school and its students. The game also features Kurona, a mischievous demon girl and antagonist from the same two games, challenging the sisters. The game is a 2D action platformer with heavy inspiration from Castlevania in which players explore the castle, finding secrets, battling enemies and bosses, and obtaining items to advance the story and access new areas.

A fourth game in the series, titled Gal Gun 2, was released in Japan on March 15, 2018 for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 and a PC port was released on July 20 via Steam. The Japanese version was published by Inti Creates, whilst the North American and European release were handled by PQube Games.[26]

Mighty Gunvolt, an 8-bit styled spin-off of Inti Creates' other title, Azure Striker Gunvolt, features Ekoro from Gal Gun as a playable character. The game was originally released for the Nintendo 3DS in August 2014, while a PlayStation 4 and Vita port, titled Gal Gunvolt, was released on August 6, 2015 to coincide with the release of Double Peace.[27]

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As a regular academy student your day begins like any other. Until, that is, you notice a strange app on your phone you don't remember installing. The moment you click on the unfamiliar icon, a box appears on your desk containing an odd pair of goggles and what appears to be a bizarre handheld vacuum cleaner called the Demon Sweeper...

"You've been chosen to help me fight demons!" exclaims the angel who appears when you equip the googles, and so begins a wild 30-day adventure to help rid your academy of the mischievous demon Kurona, who's up to no good once again.

February 22, 2023 - I have good news, Castlevania fans because here's a game to help fill the void that stars a familiar cast; it's Grim Guardians: Demon Purge.Read more: Grim Guardians: Demon Purge Review

December 9, 2022 - For those who enjoy old-school 2D action, here's one cute and fun game for PlayStation Plus; it's the lovely crossover Gal Gunvolt Burst.Read more: PlayStation Plus Hidden Gem: Gal Gunvolt Burst

April 16, 2018 - Shooting schoolgirls with pheromone shots so they stop sexually harassing you is a stupid premise for a video game. However, stupid games can be some of the most fun, too, so let's see if Gal Gun 2 is an enjoyable way to kill brain cells.Read more: Gal Gun 2 Review

March 16, 2018 - Fans of Inti Creates may be slightly confused as to what their latest 2D action-packed game crossover is all about. As a fan myself, allow me to explain exactly what Gal Gunvolt Burst is.Read more: Gal Gunvolt Burst Review

August 5, 2016 - When you see an enemy, shoot it! That's how video games are played, right? Well, not this one. Gal Gun has you fend off swooning girls with pheromone shots to make them collapse in ecstasy so they leave you alone. Wait... what?Read more: Gal Gun Double Peace Review

As is the case with all the Gal*Gun titles, the girls in Returns look fantastic. The character models here are very bright and distinct, and while they may be wearing the same uniforms, I got to know most of them through my repeated playthroughs and return trips to Doki Doki mode. The school itself looks noticeably better than it did back on the Xbox 360, even if the art direction is rather sterile. Most of the school is barren, empty, and lacking in vivid colors or lighting.

While not explicitly stated, it appears that the post is hinting that Microsoft would have required the game to be censored in some way before it would allow it to be released on Xbox platforms. Many of the reply tweets appear to be in agreement that Microsoft wanted to censor the game, and that Inti Creates was not willing to compromise the content of its game. The Gal Gun series is known for featuring high school girls in their underwear, in addition to other content that some in the west may find strange or inappropriate. Though unlikely, the cancellation could be because of an issue with the game's performance on Xbox.

Gal Gun, a Chicago garage pop band finding solace in the unique, focuses on how they can make an engaged dynamic through staying true to the DIY-mindset, mixing inspirations from many different genres, and channeling that energy and inspiration into their new music. In early January of 2018, Gal Gun released their first full album on Dumpster Tapes, equipped with juxtaposed powerful riffs and apathetic lyrics. Gal Gun is able to include the sadness of relationships and the rush of human connections all throughout their album; essentially, this band is not only unique because of their vast influences, they are unique because of their rare ability to include themes of attachment and devotion at the same time that they include themes of aversion and alienation. 041b061a72


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