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Gabriel Mendoza
Gabriel Mendoza

Brainspawn Forte Producer Edition V3.2.6.3066

the network function within forte and its engine, the jamsynth, work together to allow forte users to use the jamsynths database as a remote jam session. a forte network link is created via a gig performer start-up command (file -> open project), and a network link is configured by specifying the name of the jamsynth database (the server) in the command line. the jamsynth database is run on the servers machine and controlled remotely from gig performer. forte users will want to create an account on the jamsynth server and connect to the jamsynth database with a forte network link. (see the forte jamsynth guide for more info.)

Brainspawn Forte Producer Edition V3.2.6.3066

as previously mentioned, forte users have the ability to use plug-ins and their settings in gig performer. however, the configuration of the plugin is lost once the gig file is closed, and the settings are not available to be modified in the gig file editor. in order to keep your plugin settings in gig performer, use the save as.. feature and save the plugin in a file type that is compatible with your plugins. you will find out what the compatible plugin format is when you first try to save the plugin. in my experience, the plugin will automatically be saved in the compatible format. you may also use the "save plugin as" button from the plugin panel to save the plugin as the compatible file type.

the rack editor is one of the most powerful tools in forte. with the ability to program your plugins in ways other than via the plugin manager, rack-based recording, and extended routing capabilities, the rack editor is one of the most powerful tools for creating and modifying songs in the program. the only way to fully get a feel for the rack editor is to try it out, and once you do, youll never go back.


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