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Sudden Strike 2 Map Editor: How to Make Realistic and Fun Maps and Missions

sudden strike ii includes two types of games: 1. single-player mode 2. multiplayer mode. all of the single-player games are set in europe ( russia, germany, and the united kingdom ). in multiplayer mode, players battle each other via computer. the games are challenging and exciting. during online matches players can use units that their opponents have not yet accessed or that have been taken from them. to win a match, players must destroy their opponent's base and control three elements: the fort, the train and the factories.

Sudden Strike 2 Map Editor

sudden strike ii has won numerous awards (including the gamesport award at this year's gamescom and the golden duke ). the game includes four historical campaigns ( one for each of the branches of the german wehrmacht ). players take control of the axis and allied factions during the invasion of mainland europe and north africa. in the north african campaign, players must complete three battles as either the germans or the allies. the battles take place from the beginning of the invasion of north africa in 1942 until the end of the sicilian campaign. the german players must defeat the british at tobruk in libya, while the allies must win at el alamein, which was the largest battle of world war ii. in the eastern european campaign the germans must fight off the soviet invasion of poland and belarus. this mode also features scenarios that simulate strategic operations along the eastern front. the "battle of the eastern front" campaign includes scenarios for operation bagration, operation mars and the red army's failed summer offensive. sudden strike ii also includes a new "american" campaign.


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