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The Book Of Sitra Achra Pdf 23 __HOT__

Before picking this up, I had read an introductory book about Qabalah/Kabbalah/Cabala and encountered the topic in many more general books on the occult, but I had never fully got my head around the concept. Years ago, I heard somebody say that this was a good book on this stuff, and I was hoping that reading it would clear things up.

The Book Of Sitra Achra Pdf 23

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Among the books and manuscripts that my Rabbi would study from, there was one particular notebook titled Shamati (What I Heard). That notebook would go with him wherever he went and time after time he would delve into it. On his deathbed, in the wee hours of the night, he suddenly handed me that notebook and said: "Take this notebook and study it." Early next morning, with me by his side, his pure soul climbed into the heavens. The notebook holds a collection of essays written word for word from the mouth of Kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam), my Rabbi's father, immediately after they were spoken. Because of their uniqueness, we've kept them in their original style of language, which my Rabbi so eagerly absorbed and upon which he based his schoolings. For our English readers we've translated some of the essays and will continue to do so until the work is done. May these essays promote you on your spiritual path.

Book, author, story. A book is considered prior to creation. An author is the owner of the book. An author is the unification of the author and the book, which should assume the form of a story, that is, the Torah along with the Giver of the Torah.

After one sees some words of Torah in a book and memorizes them, since what enters the mind is already blemished. Hence, when looking in the book again, one can elicit the Light so as to receive illumination from what he is seeing now. And this is already considered new and unblemished. 350c69d7ab


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