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On the contrary, my hero is from Indian military intelligence. It is not an anti-government or anti-Indian film. It is a pro-Indian film and a pro-Kashmir film.Coming back to Lamhaa, how did you convince Sanjay Dutt to star in it?He liked the story and is very fond of Kashmir. That's why he agreed to do the film.He plays a military intelligence officer who comes to the valley to uncover a terrorist plot.What is Bipasha's role?Bipasha plays a young Kashmiri girl who has a certain point of view. But that changes in the course of the film. Kunal plays a young rebel. He has trained in Pakistan, and is now fighting for elections in Kashmir. He wants a different kind of freedom for Kashmir.Will you do only these kinds of movies?I have made a film called Society. It is a satire.I am also working on a court room drama that will take on the legal system.Why not romantic films?I made a romantic film called Kehta Hai Dil Baar Baar. Nobody met anybody after that (laughs). It's just that I am not in a romantic mood right now.You took a long time to take up film direction.Yes. I was doing lot of ad films. Then one day I decided to direct a film. It took me 15 years to make a film.

Parzania Man Movie Free Download


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