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Oblivion Where To Store Itemsl

Traditional containers are what you would normally expect a container to be; a box, chest, or barrel. A list of the types and where you would expect to find them is presented below. Traditional containers can be safe or unsafe for you to store items in. Remember that many traditional containers may be locked. To open a locked container will require you to successfully pick the lock or use an Open spell.

Oblivion Where To Store Itemsl


While dumping my loot in a non-respawning chest in my home, I noticed some items disappeared from the chest. I assumed they would return once I'd taken some of the items from the chest, but even after removing all the items they were nowhere to be found - neither in the chest nor in my inventory. How many items can I store in a single container before any new items placed there start disappearing? 350c69d7ab


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