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Electroretinograms (ERGs) elicited by high temporal frequency (26-95 Hz) L- and M-cone isolating sine-wave stimuli were investigated in human observers for full-field (FF) and different spatially restricted stimulus sizes (70, 50, 30, and 10 diameter). Responses to L- and M-cone isolating FF stimuli were maximal around 48 Hz and decreased gradually with increasing temporal frequency up to 95 Hz. The response maximum was shifted to about 30-32 Hz for both L- and M-cone driven responses obtained with spatially restricted stimuli. The M-cone driven responses could only be measured up to 54 Hz with 70 stimuli. The response amplitudes for L- and M-cones and L-/M-cone amplitude ratios decreased with decreasing stimulus size. The ERG response phases to L- and M-cone isolating stimuli decreased with increasing temporal frequency and were about -160 apart for all stimulus sizes up to 34 Hz. Further increase in the temporal frequency displayed a positive correlation between stimulus size and L-M phase difference. The ERG data indicate that the responses evoked by high temporal frequency cone isolating stimuli reflect two mechanisms, one that is more centrally located and displays a maximum at about 30-32 Hz and a peripheral mechanism that is sensitive to higher temporal modulations. We propose that the peripheral mechanism (FF ERGs) reflects magnocellular activity, whereas the central mechanism (ERGs with spatially restricted stimuli) is based on a parvocellular activity up to about 30 Hz.

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Like several previous hip litigations, the M/L taper causes corrosion and fretting at the taper interface. Cases focus on the taper which will involve two stems and several heads. Corrosion and fretting at the taper can have serious impacts for patients including metallosis, adverse local tissue reaction, abductor loss, permanent injury, revision surgery and possibly death. The Group holds meetings and educational programs at AAJ conventions. Group members network throughout the year, sharing resources such as information regarding expert witness testimony and medical literature reviews. The Group has a document library and has a list server.

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