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Gabriel Mendoza
Gabriel Mendoza

TBC Key Generator

Even though the computers in the generators are typically powerful and multifunctional, we choose three areas where we need an advantage over computers, and that includes both computation speed and human efficiency in real time. The only way to do this is to drive a generator in a way that works with the human beings brain. The human being, with all his or her abilities, is what enables us to use them in a very real way. So, we really focus on the how to of the process.

TBC Key Generator

Even though the computer-based generators typically offer more complex configurations, the control system has a significant impact on their quality and reliability. If the control system is not designed to work with human beings, it will fail.

When comparing generators, its important to focus on their overall quality, because the performance is typically the same with all generators, so in the end, its about the reliability and what you get for your money.

Many automobile manufacturers give details about which cars use the vehicle generator, and they make it easy for consumers to determine whether or not they have one. Generally, this is as simple as looking up the name of the car on the manufacturers website, and if you cant find it, its probably not a standard vehicle generator.

Most switchers will have a sync generator that is independent of theinputs; you can typically tell by the fact that when the inputs areunsyncronized (like with an internal camcorder) there is no way to dosomething like 2 seperate frame accurate video on the output; the switchersimply isn't synced to the input the way a computer running video on2 monitors is. For that reason, even if it has an internal sync generator,your genlock needs to be turned on as well, and even then, the sync islikely to be only as good as the sync coming from the input video - andthe sync coming from the input video source (even an internal source) willlikely be at least as good as the sync you have in the switcher, so there'sno point in having a seperate genlock input to the switcher for thatreason. Therefore, if the switcher has an internal sync generator, youhave two choices as far as a genlock input goes - you can use it to syncthe video, or you can use it to sync the internal sync generator.


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